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Butter and Spreads

3 blocks of meadowchurn salted butter

Butter Salted-English

40 x 250g In Stock

250g block of meadowchurn unsalted butter

Butter Unsalted – ENGLISH

40x250g In Stock

3 rolls of netherend unsalted butter

Netherend Unsalted Butter Rolls

250g In Stock

BEBO Sunflower Spread – Vegan

2kg In Stock vve

box of 100individual meadow churn butter portions

Meadowchurn Butter Portions

Size 7, 100s In Stock

block of meadowchurn lard

Meadowchurn Lard – Block

250g In Stock

box of salted netherend individual butter portions

Netherend Salted Butter Portions

100 x 10g In Stock

box of netherend usalted individual butter portions

Netherend Unsalted Butter Portions

100's SIZE 10g In Stock