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Dairy / Chilled

Vegan Coconut Double Cream

400ml In Stock vvegf

Coconut Natural Yoghurt (Coconut Colab)

1kg In Stock vvegf

125g packet of cow's mozzarella cheese

Cow’s Mozzarella

125g In Stock ve

packet of sliced monterey jack cheese

Sliced Monterey Jack

1kg In Stock

3 blocks of meadowchurn salted butter

Butter Salted-English

40 x 250g In Stock

Oat-ly Oatmilk Barista

1L In Stock vve

Vegan Feta Block

200g In Stock vvegf

2 litre bottle of cotteswold skimmed milk

Milk Skimmed

2ltr In Stock

2 litre bottle of cotteswold semi skimmed milk

Milk Semi Skimmed

2ltr In Stock