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Store Cupboard Essentials

800g tin of Riverdene red kidney beans

Red Kidney Beans-Riverdene

800g In Stock

packet of silver spoon granulated sugar

Granulated Sugar

2kg In Stock

3 blocks of meadowchurn salted butter

Butter Salted-English

40 x 250g In Stock

250g block of meadowchurn unsalted butter

Butter Unsalted – ENGLISH

40x250g In Stock

1kg bag of gluten free panko style large crumbs

Gluten Free Large Crumb ‘Panko Style’

1kg In Stock gf

large tin of chopped tomatoes

Chopped Tomatoes

2550g In Stock

Chick Peas

2.5kg In Stock

catering tin of chopped tomatoes

Chopped Tomato

800g In Stock

Red Kidney Beans

3kg In Stock